Our skins fit perfectly to your Netbook. Advanced 3M adhesive makes them cleanly removable when you want to switch up for another design.

Due to the large variety of shapes and sizes, we chose to offer standard-sized skins, Netbook small, Netbook medium, Netbook large, Netbook extra large.

  • Netbook small (~ eeePC 700/701) : 21.2 × 13.8cm
  • Netbook medium (~ eeePC 900/901) : 21.2 × 14.7cm
  • Netbook large (~ MSI WIND U100) : 23.5 × 15.5cm
  • Netbook extra large (~ eeePC 1000) : 24 × 16cm

If you can't find your favorite skin, you can use our online customization module and give free rein to your imagination to create your personalized sticker.

Can't find the case you dream of?